Tiktok video downloader

Tiktok video downloader

Download your Tiktok & Musical.ly videos

Vido is the right tool to extract all your tiktok videos from the app and put onto your desktop. Tiktok video downloader is here!

Insert video link & hit GO to begin. Right-click + Paste or CTRL+V.

Tiktok is this new app that can make cool videos and post them into their network. Sometimes there's cool music involved, so we have tiktok to mp3 extractor as well. Vido can download videos from Tiktok, Musically and Douyin. Try it out, you will like it.

How to use Tiktok video downloader? Very easy. All you need is a video link. What's a video link? It's the address used to access that video. Usually it can be seen in the browser address bar, Right-click on it, select Copy from the menu. If you're using an app to browse videos, - find Share button on any video, and it will open dialog where Copy Link is an option. With that link copied, come to Vido, or even back to this page, and paste video link into the white box. And hit GO, of course. In just a moment new page will open up where you will be able to start downloading the video. Sounds good enough?

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What Vido can do?

Vido is the one-stop online video downloader. Backup your social videos with Vido. That and so much more, all at your fingertips when using Vido...
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Websites supported

See the list with 100s of websites that you can extract video and audio from using Vido. Don\t ever look for another video converter. Make Vido first choice.
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Vido works faster and doesn't annoy you with popups and malware attempts. Check it out, we just wanna be the best video downloader. So we do it for free!
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