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Vido answers questions

Here I put several question I keep getting in my email inbox about Vido. So here are some answers that may help. If you are still curious about some aspect or property of this site, please, ask via email. But only after reading thru this page, - it can answer many questions before you ask.

How to download online videos using this site?

  • Step 1: copy the video URL from your internet browser.
  • Step 2: paste the video link into the search box of Vido.
  • Step 3: hit "GO" to download online video to your device.
  • See, it's so easy!! There's more detailed instructions here if things are still unclear.

    How to download video or audio to IOS/Iphone device?

    As it was written, Apple doesn't like people to download anything to their phones and other devices without Itunes knowing everything about it, so they basically put you into media jail, where everything is reachable, but not with your Iphone and only to watch online, if you do get around first level of defense. Yeah.. The solution is to break your device out of the media jail imposed by apple and then you will be able to download anything and everything.. Or get Android.

    Can I convert online video to mp3 audio with Vido?

    Yes you can, and it's a very simple process. It only has 1 extra step to the usual video downloading procedure..

      Here's how to convert online video to mp3 audio and download:
    • Step 1: copy the video URL from your internet browser.
    • Step 2: paste the video link into the search box of Vido.
    • Step 3: hit "GO", find MP3 button in download options and hit it.
    • Step 4: Mp3 converter button loads, press it, wait 10 sec, download mp3.
    Please, note, mp3 download will begin automatically as soon as converter finishes work. You will see progress indicators and will know if conversion was interrupted to start it again sometimes.

    How to get video to your Android device?

    Use the instructions here or above, they all have mobile "clause".. On an Android device you need to imitate right-click to get the Copy-Paste functionality. Even that now new chrome app shows the Copy icon as soon as you hit the browser address bar (OMG, this is like the top invention on Android in 2019), there's still the need to paste to the white box. That's where tap and hold comes in: you need to tap in the white box and hold your finger (or stylus) until context menu shows up. It may or may not have more than 1 icon, but it is guaranteed to have the 1 icon we need - Paste. That is of couse if you have copied something (video URL) into device clipboard earlier. So now you can paste it and keep going (hit GO and download video or conver it to mp3).

    How to download video that doesn't start downloading?

    Some videos don't want to download on first attempt and start streaming a.k.a. playing. Browsers do that sometimes, it's not their fault, it's the video source is trying to limit that functionality. All you do in such case is right-click the video and use Save video as option. On mobile (android) tap and hold until menu with Download link option shows up. Also look for little menu in the bottom right corner of the video window. It usually has Download Video lonely option.

    How to download facebook video with Vido?

  • Step 1: copy facebook video URL from your internet browser. Hit Share on video page and select Copy Link if you are mobile.
  • Step 2: paste the video link into the search box of Vido. Right-click + Paste, or tap-and-hold, then select paste on smartphones.
  • Step 3: hit "GO", see all the download options. Select video qualityu you desire and right-click + Save link as on download button.
  • Video I shows in youtube search but says not found. Why?

    It happens, it may have been deleted on some copyright grounds or disabled to viewing outside of Youtube, but cache hasn't updated yet so video shows up in search.. Just pick a different video from search results. Also sometimes refresh 1-2 times helps. But not necessarily.

    Where my downloadeds are on my device?

    Hit CTRL+J on desktop, or find Download link in the browser menu and hit that. There are all your download there nicely listed in the order they were downloaded.