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How to download online videos with Vido?

  • Step 1: copy the video URL from your internet browser (or app).
  • Step 2: paste the video link into the search box of Vido (above).
  • Step 3: hit "GO" to start converter and save online video as mp4.
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    The most awesome video downloader online

    Welcome, welcome! My site - - was born out of necessity, when several of my favorite video downloader sites have either disappeared or stopped people my countrymen from accessing the service. And so after looking around and seeing that most options are simply terrible (popups, malware, push notifications, sneaky download links that call up on yet more popups, etc), I decided to make my own. With help of my friend, I was able to put together the most amazing online video downloader. It can download video from 100s of social networks and video collectors. It can help you get all your Facebook and twitter videos out of the app and onto your home computer. Vido can even convert Instagram videos to mp3, making it an unlimited supply of new ringtones for your smartphone... Check out what Vido can do for you..

    Youtube downloader

    Vido raises the bar for Youtube video downloaders. Vido can help download both video and audio from Youtube in many formats. We also have an awesome youtube audio converter.

    Facebook downloader

    Vido specializes in Facebook video downloads. Vido helps download video from Facebook as mp4, all resolutions, downloads are marginally faster than other sites can offer.

    Instagram downloader

    Vido pushes the boundaries of a regular Instagram downloader. Vido can assist with download of any Instagram video. It can also convert Instagram video to mp3 in seconds.

    Twitter downloader

    Vido makes other Twitter downloader sites run in shame. Vido provides a way to download HD max quality and resolution copies of Twitter videos, which no other site can boast.

    Thinking video downloads? Think Vido!

    I am serious, my friends: forget about all those famous sites that don't respect you as a user and may just as well get shut down tomorrow... Pick Vido for your next video downloading session. Vido can help, like, a lot! It can download video from 100s of websites, and do it way better & much faster than dozens of similar sites. Give Vido a try, and you will never need another site for audio/video works. Vido has a ton of attractive features, including such amazing qualities as absense of any advertising, including popups or malware downloads. Vido wants you to come back, I want you to come back. So I will not bother you with ads or popups. I am all about downloads. I use this site myself and keep it clean for that reason alone, if not other reasons... And finally, Vido is super fast. We heavily use cache, even server software is fully located in cache, so the site has just ridiculously fast pageloads. Try it out, hit F5 100 times..

    Why switch to Vido Video Downloader?

    There are many reasons, let me just list a few. Vido is new and has lots of potential. Vido can combine video and audio for video sites that keep those separate, like reddit or facebook. Vido can download video streams that offer m3u8 (playlist) files. Vido can help you save video from an insane number of different sites and communities. Be that learning site with lectures, podcast website, dance video stream, tv channels, live or recorded concerts and just plain pbs and c-span video broadcasts. Vido can do it all and so much more. It all happens here online, you don't need any software except this browser you must be using right now. There's no special knowledge requirements, site is easy to operate for any level of experience, it has suggestive search, it helps, it auto-completes, it can download playlists of multiple videos. It just wants you to get the video you came for, so you won't need to go looking for another place.. ALl these and many other reasons below - all are advocating you to switch to Vido!

    Over 800 websites supported

    Vido downloads video and audio from many websites, including youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, twitch, vimeo, dailymotion, tumblr, periscope, culturebox, soundcloud, vevo, mixcloud, imgur, kinopoisk, crunchyroll, lynda, espn, apple, aol,, bandcamp, beatport, cinemax, crackle, bbc, cspan, digg, disney, dropbox, etc. see all supported...

    Wins in comparison to...

    ... dozens upon dozens of other sites, including,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Vido looks and works way better. all similar sites...

    Quicker video downloads with bookmark

    Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "bookmarklet" as "The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on spelling suggestion below..." So yeah, that's where we stand on bookmarklets, eh? Anyway, bookmarklet is a simple browser bookmark that can do just a bit more than simply send you to a website. Bookmarklet in our case is the Vido website quick-access tool. Not only it sends you to my website, but also attaches video URL to the address, so Vido knows right away what video you are interested in downloading and you don't need to copy-paste the video link. Here's the bookmark(let). Drag it and drop it to your browser's bookmarks bar.


    The button will only work as a bookmark. Whenever you are on a page with video - simply hit this bookmark and see what happens. In two words - you'll be sent to my website and video URL will already be comfortably sitting in the white box, and on top of that, all the video links will be shown right there. So all you do is download the video. That's all. Simple, isn't it?

    Vido has many tools for Youtube

    Most videos downloaded via Vido are from Youtube. That's why I've worked hard and programmed a whole array of things Vido can do with Youtube. Start with such small but powerful thing as Youtube search. You can search Youtube directly from here, just type something. Vido looks up Youtube trends in your area and suggests some searches to auto-complete your typing. You can avoid those and just finish entering your search keywords. Hit GO and get up 12 videos that Youtube suggests for your keywords. Very simple feature. But it allows you to forget about switching tabs back to Youtube, getting that URL, pasting it, then getting download options. And next video same process... With search you can just open all results in new tabs and download all 12 videos in just couple of minutes..

    Youtube video downloader

    Vido is an avid Youtube video downloader. Vido can help you download videos from Youtube. Any size videos, any format, any time. Whatever Youtube has to offer, Vido can download and save video to your device.

    Youtube playlist downloader

    Vido works with Youtube playlists. Our youtube search doesn't do playlists, but if you have a playlist and want to comfortably see all videos in it and download all or some of them - Vido can help. Simply paste Youtube playlist link, hit GO and see the list of all videos.. Then open the ones you want and download them. Easy!

    Youtube audio mp3 downloader

    Vido is also good at extracting Youtube audio and converting it to mp3. Simply look for mp3 option in the list of download options and formats, hit that button and see mp3 converter button load. Click that and wait a bit - mp3 will begin downloading as soon as the button finishes converting youtube video to mp3. Conerter works with Youtube playlists too.

    Vido is online video to mp3 converter

    Have you heard, Vido can convert video to mp3 from other websites, not just Youtube? As a matter of fact, right now Vido can convert video from Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Twitch, Vimeo, Facebook to mp3, and more yet to come. Vido can also extract audio in native formats (usually mp3, sometimes m4a) from Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Bandcamp, Beatport, Tunein, Audioboom, Podbean, Audiomack, Clyp, Freesound, Hearthis, Hypem, Jamendo and many other websites.

    Save online video to mp3

    Online video from many sources can be turned into mp3 files

    Download whole playlists

    If there's a playlist, we can work with it. Not just Youtube.

    Get music from anywhere

    These days cool music is everywhere. Download it to your device!

    Youtube mp3 converter

    As mentioned before, Vido can convert Youtube videos to mp3

    Include artist & title **

    Vido puts artist, title and even album cover as mp3 id-tags

    Listen to audio offline

    Extract audio from lectures and seminars to listen to later

    Artist name, song title, album art included **

    My mp3 converter is very cool. It is different from any other mp3 converter out there because it actually makes mp3s that are easier to work with, especially on small devices. My mp3 converter adds video metadata as mp3 IDv3 tags. Not only it sets artist, song title and genre, but also adds album art cover to the same mp3, making it so much easier to locate new mp3s on your device by video thumbnail (album art cover). Try it out, you'll see the difference.